Embrace-the-suckThere I was, finally ready to shoot some video for my upcoming project.  After a comedy of errors, and 4 previous attempts, I finally hit record.

And magic happened. 

My thoughts flowed, my words were efficient and concise.  I barely uttered an “umm” for 11 minutes straight.  Because it was going so well, I just kept rolling, all the way through the intro to my course.

Chest puffed out, I confidently walked around to the back of the camera to hit “stop” and begin the slow process of importing the video.  

Then I froze.  

More accurately…it had frozen.  

“it”, being the camera.  

While I was wordsmithing, the camera had run out of memory card (rookie mistake) and completely frozen…1 minute prior.  I’d recorded 11 minutes, but the camera froze 10 minutes in. 

I’d hoped to be able to save my video brilliance…but alas, it was not to be the case.  

All was lost.  

The next day, I tried again, new memory card in tow, and it couldn’t have been much worse.  My thoughts were scattered, I had to restart about 10 times, and finally I gave up.  I spent the next day in a “screw it” mode, and didn’t touch the camera at all.  

Thankfully, I tried again the next day and got a good 10 minute session out of myself again. 

So, it’s not that I was terrible at video production (which I am), it’s how I responded to being terrible at video production.

To quote my buddy Mike Johnston…”embrace the suck”.  

I’m not a video guy…nor to I aspire to be.  But, the best thing to do in this situation is to remember that it’s not really my thing, and keep a positive attitude.  So, I did, and the result was a good video I shot the next day.  

Never mind that I just recorded another 10 minutes yesterday and forgot to plug my microphone in…but that’s another story altogether. 

As a Solopreneur, you’re going to be delving into places you’ve never delved, both from a technology standpoint, and a mindset standpoint.  Just remember that “every master was once a disaster” and embrace the suck. 

Mike Answers:

  • 10:56 Becoming a good podcast guest
  • 14:49 Motivating yourself
  • 17:54 Not Who, the What but the When
  • 26:23 Making money from Geo-Filters on Snapchat
  • 27:47 Leadership traits for success
  • 35:22 Finding the white space
  • 42:36 Podcast Sponsorship Rates
  • 49:50 Traveling to Puerto Rico
  • 53:14 Dot Com Secrets and Steal the show
  • 54:19 Unemployable and The Art of the Interview
  • 55:40 Podcast Websites
  • 56:59 Side gigs


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