“Grow Your Mailing List.  Grow your mailing list!!”.  Everyone tells us we have to do that…but leaves out some very important parts:  How do we establish rapport with our audience?  How do we nurture the relationship so they know, like, and trust us?  That’s where Jennifer Hudye (https://jenniferrachael.com) comes in.  She’s a copywriting whiz, and creator of brilliant nurture email campaigns.  This show is about her journey, and what steps we can take to really connect to our audience.


“Environment is stronger than willpower”

Mike and Jennifer Discuss:

  • 6:41 Fitness competitions
  • 11:48 Being comfortable in her body
  • 13:26 Coaching mode
  • 14:53 The Entrepreneur Bug
  • 23:54 Millennial Rep
  • 28:05 Walking away from health and fitness coaching
  • 32:07 Learning email
  • 35:54 Building Relationships
  • 43:04 Competitive advantage
  • 47:47 Email Campaigns
  • 57:05 Picking the right email platform
  • 60:21 Free Gift
  • 64:28 Live email grading

There are no better words to describe this twenty -something-year-old phenomenal woman as purpose driven and multi-passionate entrepreneur. Jennifer Rachael Hudye is no ordinary girl from down the block; she is a force to reckon. She considers herself to be a conscious hustler who shares her work through digital marketing, copywriting, and entrepreneurship. Jenny’s core values revolve around people (market), high performance (holistic health) and creation and innovation (entrepreneurship).

Her backbone of success begins at a tender age of 13years. As a minor coming from an entrepreneurial home, Jennifer was able to launch her first real estate company, Princess Ventures Inc. with the help of her sister and two cousins. Later on in life, she managed to join the largest US-based University, Arizona State University despite coming from a small gated community in Saskatchewan, Canada. Jennifer pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science, Business Administration and Management and Applied Science.

During her campus years, Jennifer was involved in many school events. While competing in bodybuilding tournaments, she was inspired to start her first online business. LifeBalance Coach Inc. was a platform revolved around helping millennial women get that body and life they so want through Jennifer Strong Mind Sexy Body Plan. The fruits of this venture after five or more years was quite rewarding. She got inspire many women through her online fitness coaching programs.

Jennifer as an iconic student ambassador of the OhYeah! Nutrition Company. She was not only able to publicize the brand in Arizona State University campus by issuing out product at different functions but also provide information concerning the company. During her internship days, Jennifer had the privilege of rubbing shoulders with great companies like RapidFire Books, Kolbe Corp, and Harvey Mackay University. While working for this incredible companies, she got to handle different tasks. In Kolbe Corp, she was a project facilitator, while in RapidFire Books, Jennifer was an executive assistant.

Tech information world seems to fascinate Jenny. While still the shoes of a college student, Jennifer was able to set some money aside to attend personal growth and online marketing forums. One of the many conferences Jenny attended was entrepreneurship accelerator program found Nice, France. From this conference, she learned The Lean Startup Model which she later applied while launching her technology company. Some of the benefits of attending such forums were the exposure and mentorship from tech moguls such as Google and IBM.

After graduation, Jennifer was not afraid of stepping into entrepreneurial shoes. With heist, she launched her current company, Conscious Copy & Co. The vision of this franchise is to assist internet based experts, coaches and thought leaders in personal growth, health and wellness space not only build trust but attention to their clients to attract their ideal clientele using email marketing platform. Jennifer is a people’s person, and that is why she is so passionate towards making a positive impact as a whole. In her company, she applies her trademarked six-step Authentic Autoresponder method. The goal of this organization is to help individuals better their quality of life by only supporting the thought leaders, life coaches and experts globalize their message.

Jenny’s ingenious never seems to come to an end. She has given birth to her latest baby, The Conscious Hustler a well-known lifestyle brand. This lifestyle brand is all about living life to your maximum potential as you follow your purpose; 100%, the unique, highest best you. Her slogan, “Marry your hustle with your why” is trending nationwide. This proud venture capitalist also has an iTunes Podcast where she gets to have chit chats with trendy folks on how they manage to live an extraordinary life while remaining grounded to their hustle.


“Common sense is not always common practice”  Jennifer Hudye

Before you write any Email Copy, what so ever you need to complete three main steps.


1. The influencer profile

You need to get super clear about who you are as your business and who you are as an influencer.

Using Aristotle’s persuasion technique: Ethos Pathos Logos


Persuade people when you align their head, heart, and gut:

  • Head: What are your credentials in this particular?
  • Heart: What is your story? why are you passionate?
  • Gut: The Why?

2. Dream client snapshot

A lot of people in the online space are not clear enough on their dream client.

You have got to know everything about them, from their demographics but even deeper than that into their psychographics.

Use their language to describe their problems;

For example:

A person wanting to get into fitness, one problem they described was they “Don’t know when to stop eating.”

Notice they did not use the word “Binge” if you were to use that word in the email copy, there would be a disconnect from the customer.


3. The Compelling offer

Getting clear as the influencer can help your client solve the problem.

With the compelling offer, you need to make sure it is speaking to them in a clear way, so clear that the client will turn round and say “Yer! This person gets me.”


Now The Emails

Everything with your business has to align, from the copy in your ad’s to the free gift.

You have to nurture them as quickly as possible through email

  • Around 3-5% of people that come to you have a burning problem that they need to be solved and they are willing to pay for it right now.
  • Around 30% of people have a problem but need a little more information. They want the problem solved, but they require a couple of the gaps filled first.
  • Around 30% are aware they have a problem, but they don’t mind waiting and solving it right away. It’s this 30% segment where you need to educate them to help move the needle forward to getting that problem solved.
  • The final 35% may opt in but are not looking to buy anything.


“The business that knows their client the best is the business that wins.”

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