1426737_10152435220087571_31054369_nToday a website is as necessary as a company phone number; you really don’t have a business until you have a website. Despite being so common, websites are one of the most fundamental, yet most-often underutilized tools in a solopreneur’s toolbox. Having a website that “converts” is the most important trait a website can have, and most of us have sites that don’t do a very good job at that.

In episode 46,  Alex “The Optimizer” Harris prepares you to change all that. He joins us to share his plethora of knowledge about website optimization.

By trade, Alex is a web designer, and has been a very successful one for 11 years. He specializes in marketing optimization: taking a web site, making it more user-friendly for greater customer satisfaction and greater profits.

In this episode, he dives into the nitty-gritty of how to make your website work for you and your customers. He can share all of this because he walks his talk: he is a solopreneur who recently began a podcast on marketing optimization. Now every week he brings on experts and together they discuss the details of fine-tuning your site for the biggest ROI.

And he did the same for The Solopreneur Hour. He digs into topics like:

  • Why you should stop learning and get going right NOW.
  • What is matched messaging and why you should care.
  • The two key ingredients to a successful client relationship on the web.
  • UVP, clarity and consistency: why your site MUST have all three (and what they are).
  • Why testimonial videos are absolutely key – yet so few people are utilizing them.

This show is a real-life lesson on web site and marketing optimization. Alex is the teacher and he takes us to school as he relates his years of experience in easy-to-use suggestions and recommendations. If you have a web site, want to create a web site or just want your web site to generate more money for you then you absolutely must listen to this show.

In fact, Alex has generously offered a free review to the first 20 solopreneurs who drop him a note at alexdesigns.com/review. You don’t have to opt-in, just give him your info and get ready! He won’t hold anything back when he reviews your site – and you’ll thank him for it.

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Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability, 2nd Edition

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