aJy4_gI5Chicken Soup for The Soul author Jack Canfield is our guest for today’s show.

Jack is the acclaimed author of numerous New York Times best-selling books including the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, a highly sought-after motivational speaker and multi-millionaire.

Today Jack and I talk about his journey from teacher to world-renowned author and how that experience led to his book The Success Principles and its 10th anniversary. All of that and more on the 462nd edition of The Solopreneur Hour.

More About This Show

As of the airing of this episode Jack Canfield’s Chicken Soup For The Soul series has been printed in 47 different languages and is on its way to selling a billion copies! After CSFTS became a global phenomenon, he asked himself if people wanted to be successful, what would be the one book they would read?

From asking that question he set the foundation for The Success Principles. Today that book is celebrating its 10th anniversary and has been updated to include three new chapters reflecting our digital era. The book lays out 67 principles to follow to create success in your life, and it lays them out in order.

The book also includes real-life stories from people who read the first printing of the book, acted on the principles and created success. These are stories from all walks of life: homeless men and women to people who had just lost their jobs and had sold their belongings to get by. People who were not successful in an area (or many areas) of their lives, but created success through implementing the contents of Jack’s book.

The Finer Details of This Show Include:

  • What’s always been his biggest challenge?
  • How many books does he read per week?
  • What’s one of the weirdest experiences he’s had while speaking?
  • What is the rule of 5?
  • What does E + O = R mean?
  • And so, so much more!



Jack shares these stories in greater detail on the show, and we also talk about why we have such a hard time getting out of our own way. And he has an answer for us: because no one has ever taught us otherwise. We’ve all grown up with limiting beliefs that have been given to us by the world around us (from parents to clergy to school teachers), but no one has told us how to release those beliefs.

By nature we are creatures of habit so until we unlearn those limiting beliefs and create new habits, we’ll continue to get in our own way. But there is a solution: simply create a new habit and cement it faster by pairing it with an existing habit.

If you are committed to doing your age in push-ups every morning, then pair the new push-up habit with brushing your teeth. Every time you brush your teeth, do your age in push-ups after. And you’ll want to give yourself a solid 66 days to make that new habit a lasting one, Jack says the latest research out of London has found we need 66 days (not 30).

Another way to create success in your life is to take 100% responsibility. Jack says the happiest, most successful people he knows take full responsibility for everything in their lives.

And by doing so when something goes wrong you can ask yourself what you did to contribute to the result you got. When you examine a result from that perspective you aren’t defensive. When you’re not defensive you can take steps to learn from the experience and apply it to the next situation, and grow in the process,

We talk about SO much more on this show, like why a no is a good thing and his legendary joke-telling, but one final piece to leave you with is the number one thing all successful readers of his book have in common: they all want success and believe it’s possible. Jack has seen this in everyone who has read his book, applied the principles and taken action. They all wanted something and they went for it.

Be sure to download the show to hear the full details on those topics, including Jack telling a joke! Let’s give an extra special thanks to him for his jokes, his time and his wisdom. And thank you for being here too. We’ll see you next time on The Solopreneur Hour.

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