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Entrepreneurial Q&A – Today’s topics include how to start coaching, how to use a lead magnet, productivity tips, Guns and Roses, building online courses, “twitter bombing”, membership site basics, and more! 
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Michael Answers:

  • 6:10 Build your business like it’s 1987
  • 12:08 Going where they are, Crush It!
  • 15:57 Stepping up the gears
  • 22:33 Getting people to your lead magnet
  • 31:54 Productivity and being in the zone
  • 36:46 More money then time – Time to scale
  • 42:00 Steven Adler or Matt Sorum
  • 44:34 #VanLife
  • 46:44 Influencers for teaching courses
  • 49:25 Channels for promoting
  • 51:38 Ethical twitter bombing
  • 57:33 Creating a membership site
  • 59:09 Best approach to connecting with influencers
  • 61:01 Instagram Ninja and Recommended t-shirt brand to print on

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