Todays Co-Host Dawn Marrs

Dawn ( stops by again, and as always, I can’t keep up with all of the newer, better versions of the apps and services I use that she recommends. She has her ear to the ground all the time, and is constantly shifting and improving her solopreneur efficiency.  Today we talk about scheduling apps, a Leadpages killer, home automation, my email funnel, and a ton more.  Another can’t miss episode with Dawn Marrs!


Mike and Dawn Discuss

  • 11:43 Overview for Michael’s Email Funnel
  • 12:43 How much would it cost to get an optin
  • 16:56 At what point do you cull your email list
  • 18:28 Email sequences & Video export issues
  • 29:19 Course Price Point and Product Launches
  • 32:42 Interest lists and incentify buyers
  • 38:44 Keyword optimization – Long tail keywords
  • 47:12 Dawns wheelhouse – Marketing Automation
  • 50:05 Dawns coaching group
  • 52:46 Cool tools and Resource page
  • 63:01 How the show was intended



Michael’s Funnel

Michael’s Lead Magnet is which is currently getting 24 to 40 opt-in’s a day.

Before Michael figured out his funnel, he had to know what his value properties are, which are Sololab and The Art of the Interview course.

Having this mapped out allowed him to guide his subscribers through the right sequence. Once subscribed and have downloaded the Conferencetopia lead magnet they will automatically be put on the regular email series. After about five emails there would be an email that directs the subscriber down one of two paths.

One to Sololab, the other to “The Art of The Interview” course. Through later sequences, these paths will cross.

A typical opt-in within the entrepreneurial space without a podcast and presence would mean you have to pay for advertising/traffic. This would give you a cost per lead (CPL), and it can get expensive.

$3-$5 per lead in the entrepreneurial industry is probably decent acquisition, but if you were in real estate market, for example, CPL would be expensive because it is a competitive market. Around $50 to $100 per lead.

So a lead would be someone that would opt-in into a form to acquire their email address.


Active Reengagement

When someone has not clicked or opened an email in “X” amount of days, Dawn puts them on an email sequence that says,

There is a bunch of cool stuff that I would love for you to see, I think it would be very helpful to you.”

If they don’t click or open those emails, then they are automatically culled from her email list.

Dawn’s criteria for this email sequence is they have not opened/clicked or made a purchase. She doesn’t want to delete people from the list that have purchase history.

Having this sequence is good for your open rates, with an engaged list you are less likely to end up in the spam folder of a subscriber’s email inbox.


Links and Resources