In the lobby of the Holiday Inn Philadelphia Swedesborough, where I was just speaking about The Art of The Interview, I sit down with Mark Asquith of Podcast Websites.  We talk about being a designer, scaling your business, business ops, and how Podcast Websites came to be.




Mike and Mark Discuss

  • 4:33 Jako Pistorius – Music influences
  • 6:43 MAPCON – Visiting grassroots conferences
  • 7:36 Motivation of people attending conferences vs those that don’t
  • 13:50 Time freedom
  • 23:02 It’s not about the time you invest its about how you spend the time you invest
  • 26:30 Undercover Dad
  • 31:55 After MOD becoming a designer
  • 34:15 Letting go
  • 36:06 Getting into WordPress, cost vs value and scalability
  • 41:12 Knowing where to hit
  • 45:48 Podcast Websites
  • 50:19 The way we scaled is to not scale
  • 55:47 Age of the generalist
  • 60:18 USP

“Do what you can with what you can right now” – Theodore Roosevelt

Mark Asquith is the founder and host of Excellence-Expected. A podcast aimed at early stage founders in their first 18 months of business, Two Shots to the Head which is a geek culture show, and also, his design agency HACKSAW was voted as one of the top 40 design agencies in the UK market by a collection of his peers.

Through his show, Mark interviews some of the biggest thought leaders and experts regarding their different fields. In each episode, he tackles one particular problem and the expert of the day provides actionable takeaways that will help the audience overcome the matter. Industry leaders such as Guy Kawasaki, John Lee Dumas, Robert Kells, and Dragons from the popular British TV show Dragons Den have all been guests and shared some of what they know.

Mark has recently partnered with John Lee Dumas on An all in one WordPress platform for podcasters.  It offers to podcasters everything you need to create and grow your podcast with 24/7 support and an extensive library of excellent training for podcasters. Podcast Websites is where The Hines Ward Show is hosted.

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