Today I’m honored to speak to Rob Greenlee, formerly of Microsoft/Xbox/Zune, PodcastOne, and currently with Spreaker, a full podcasting solution.  Rob has been podcasting in some form or another since before 2004’s advent of the RSS feed as a podcast infrastructure.

Rob is a marketing guy at heart and shares his insight on how to grow a show, why to do a show, and how much he loves the craft, just like yours truly.

Listen to Rob’s live show every Wednesday 3 pm pacific

new media show  Sat. 9 AM pacific  audio/video

Mike and Rob Discuss:

  • 3:01 Tricaster – Simultaneously broadcasting to other platforms similar to OBS
  • 8:14 Rob in Seattle
  • 10:27 How Rob got into broadcasting
  • 17:13 Launching a podcast at the turn of the century vs now
  • 22:05 The moment Rob felt podcasting had legs
  • 25:32 Taking a traditional radio approach
  • 30:16 Next Trend in Podcasting
  • 37:26 Scaling the audience for the medium
  • 42:36 Getting into the head of your audience
  • 44:51 Tracking tools & Users Privacy
  • 50:38 New podcasters and how to grow a show in 2016
  • 57:00 How Spreaker is enhancing the Podcast world
  • 60:06 Keeping your intro short

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