14390944_10157422227580542_7606139845368651950_nHi all…it’s a free coaching Friday quickie.  Today we talk conferencing, which hot-rod Porsche engine to choose, how going to drum camp has influenced my coaching, how to voice your website copy, and more!

Michael Answers:

  • 5:51 Experience Mike Johnston‘s Drum Camp only from Folsom, California
  • 7:21 Bad British Accents and Speaking in the first person, this allows us to get to know you a little more
  • 8:54 Conferencetopia and Agents of Change
  • 11:01 Mike Johnston – A better Entrepreneur than a drummer, and being a student agin
  • 13:15 Changing Engines
  • 14:29 Setting up Facebook Live with OBS
  • 15:47 How my approach of Sololab changed from it’s inception
  • 18:08 Gentlemans Ride – Downtown LA


Embracing the suck

This Episode is brought to you from Mike Johnston’s Drum Camp – Embrace the Suck


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People Mentioned

  • Mike Johnston
  • John Lee Dumas
  • Kate Errikson
  • Rich Brooks

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