I just spent a week in Folsom CA at the drum camp.  I’d been waiting 3 years to take it, and finally got the chance.  On the last, day, Mike and I sat down to chat about the business side of Mike’s business.  A couple of key takeaways:  I had no idea how fastidious Mike is.  Very regimented and relentless when it comes to pursuing a goal.  He also has a really “no excuses” attitude about business, and drumming.  For as great of a drummer as Mike is, I think he’s a better entrepreneur.  This is another instant “best of” episode.  Enjoy!



Mike and Mike Discuss:

  • 1:55 Doing the simple thing’s so well that they look impressive
  • 5:09 Your a great drummer, but you are a better entrepreneur
  • 8:59 Great design, Content and Conversions, it’s hard to do all three well
  • 10:32 Music genres come and go but education stays constant. People will always pay to learn the instrument
  • 12:24 Who’s ROI
  • 14:16 Started using Youtube in 2005 for the same use we use Dropbox today
  • 16:30 Finding out his business was like a gym membership and why he had to build in accountability
  • 21:36
  • 22:54 Chip on his shoulder, a Hines Ward story, and understanding the people you are coaching
  • 27:15 The tendency for entrepreneurs is to compare up vs to compare down
  • 30:57 Low lights, work on something you can’t do, get it to where you can do it and keep doing it until your brain goes somewhere else.
  • 34:05 I am thinking about becoming a writer.
  • 37:53 All Mike’s profits go to a dog charity
  • 40:41 Mike’s new deal with Amazon
  • 47:13 The right gear partners


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