Tony Huynh is the genius behind my Instagram account.  His company is  A Sololab member, we originally worked on his business, The Fit Asian Man.  When that didn’t gain traction, he became really interested in Instagram growth.  He’s singlehandedly added over 10k followers to my Instagram account!

On this show, we talk about pivoting from your original plan, how he came to form the Insta Guy, and get into some tactical instagram growth techniques!

Mike and Tony Discuss:

  • 4:20 Using the FORM method from at conferences
  • 5:20 Finding The Solopreneur Hour, Tony’s Journey.
  • 8:09 Creating Tony’s initial brand, “The Fit Asian Man” and the struggles
  • 10:34 Fears swirling around when you are just dipping your toes into Solopreneurship
  • 12:46 Parallels between working out and being a Solopreneur
  • 14:22 How home life took to becoming a Solopreneur
  • 15:41 How long Tony was in the timeline with “The Fit Asian Man” before he decided to pivot
  • 17:07 Taking the 20,000ft view
  • 18:33 When do you know to quit? It depends
  • 20:46 What was it about the Nathan Chan’s episode that was interesting and taking Nathan Chan’s Instagram course
  • 22:56 How he took this new skill set and dove right in to become an expert in it
  • 24:56 Keys to Instagram growth
  • 26:36 Paying attention to the brand you are working with
  • 29:53 Why should you have a Instagram following
  • 33:50 Tools Tony uses for necessary Instagram growth
    • 34:15 Typography Apps
    • 35:58 Scheduling, Posting Image and Posting Often
    • 36:51 Searching for #Hashtags and posts that have worked well for other influencer’s in your niche
    • 40:28 Posting with out #Hashtags to give a reading on your organic reach and timing
    • 41:32 Best times to post
    • 42:30 Other scheduling apps
    • 44:42 Mixing up real life post with the quotes
    • 45:39 Arranging your feed before uploading to Instagram
  • 47:00 How Tony typically works with clients
  • 50:09 @Solohour on Instagram, Every image that has a quote came from Tony
  • 50:51 Best practices for growth, #Hashtag Clouds,
  • 53:09 Best places to search for #Hashtags
  • 55:09 Best practices for Share for Share and Paid Shout Outs
  • 56:31 Paid Instagram AD’s


What people like, they will consume and what people don’t like they will not respond to. You can responded to what they do like and create your own content around that


Best Practices for Growth: Using Hashtag Clouds
At the moment Instagram only allows you to use 30 #Hashtags.
Tony takes five large hashtags. For example #entrepreneur, which would have over 11 million posts, then 10 to 15 hashtags that are closely related to that, lastly, about 4 or 5 that are really niche to the subject that only have around 2 to 3 thousand posts.
The reason for this is because, with the high volume hashtags your post will get lost very quickly, the same thing that happens with Tweets on Twitter. On the mid to lower end of the #hashtag post counts you are going to stay on that hashtags category a lot longer. This way you will get a lot more exposure.


Links and Resources

Typography Apps

Scheduling Apps

Popular Posts App


Planning and Arranging your Posts


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