Free coaching Friday, y’all. To truly start your weekend off right I’m here with another edition of free coaching Friday: you ask the questions and I provide the answers.

If you haven’t listened to one of these episodes before this is YOUR chance to ask questions: ask anything you want on whatever you want, any topic you want: bring it on! If you want to be part of the next show join us in the Proudly Unemployable Facebook group here. Look for my post, typically on Thursday, asking for your questions. Post yours in the comments section and then tune in the next day to hear my answer

Michael Answers:

  • 0:42 A new brand is born, Michael outlines his process behind bringing life to BegginnerAudiophile.combeginner audiophile . com
  • 7:38 Get a Gmail account for any new project you do, you can then connect all your accounts to it and hand it off to someone down the line when you are ready to outsource
  • 8:11 Michael is only capturing email address at the moment for the launch of the show, so he went to Leadpages and used their new drag and drop email builder and connected
  • it to his Aweber account.
  • 9:28 Michael is using Instagram to start building a following for the show.
  • 16:37 Mike Johnson’s YouTube strategy
  • 19:39 Major pain points and challenges for Solopreneur’s when it comes to negotiating, contracts and partnerships
  • 22:50 Getting the right image for a webinar
  • 26:45 Driving to the sound of the road, and the blood drive guy
  • 32:36 Preferred Marketing Automation Software
  • 36:19 Preferred platform for online course
  • 39:14 A/B Testing things on the market and growing
  • 46:51 Cord noise – Art of the Interview
  • 48:36 Advertising on Snapchat
  • 49:20 Come to Thrive – Use the Promo Code: Solohour to get 20% off the tickets

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