After a day of geeking out and listening to hifi audio equipment at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest here in Denver, Joel Comm and I sat down for a very Joe Rogan-esque 1:20 to talk about my new brand, why “hustle and grind” isn’t the only way to do business, what Steve Jobs would and wouldn’t do, becoming an “influencer”, asking for what you want, and tons more.  We went off the rails a few a times, but that’s to be expected every time Joel comes on the show.

Mike and Joel Discuss:

  • 8:21 Dropping the needle in the record
  • 10:42 A/B Testing Spotify and Tidal
  • 11:39 $67,000 cables
  • 12:12 Can Jam and Echo Box
  • 18:12 “I’m gonna speak myself some notes” Michael details his process for capturing people’s details at the Audiophile event – Conferencetopia in action
  • 20:52 Joel segway’s on Michaels approach to starting Starting this only because it is fun for him
  • 21:56 Air quotes “Hustle & Grind”, People want to be around people that are having fun
  • 23:17 Michael’s plan is to grow the Instagram account with “give aways”
  • 23:36 The power of Twitter – You don’t ask, you don’t get, whats the worst that could happen
  • 26:37 Influence – using product placement to get your brand out there
  • 27:18 How broad and deep your audience needs to be for you to become an influencer
  • 29:25 The tipping point for brands to consider you as an influencer
  • 30:41 You can have a lot of followers but if there is no Engagement you are not really influencing anybody
  • 32:32 Insane growth strategy of a Yoga Instagram account and lead capture
  • 36:34 Hashtags and the French alcohol awareness account
  • 38:03 Joel’s new podcast “Fun” and his new book
  • 43:39 A lot of people just don’t know how to have fun – make the most of every day
  • 45:45 There are always options for social but what’s interesting to you
  • 48:07 Use IFTT to help post natively, conditional posting
  • 51:48 When the Fun show will launch?
  • 54:24 Pronunciation
  • 55:34 Hundred million people using Instagram stories and Snapchat keeps on improving
  • 56:17 Things that would have happened if Steve Jobs were alive and the pros/cons of the Apple watch
  • 61:10 The iPhone7, reason to upgrade, leveraging the power of the camera
  • 67:53 Speaking at TTT17, Chris Duckers Tropical Think Tank, unplugging from the internet
  • 71:31 Putting your phone in captivity
  • 75:19 The good side of tech in the future
  • 77:24 TSA Pre Flights – Traveling like its 1999
  • 79:04 UberEats – Settling into a Joe Rogan-esk conversation
  • 80:10 Joel plays his cheeks

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