skellyWhat an episode this is! Soloists… get your Evernote ready for this one. My friend Ryan Skelly and I talk about what it takes to make it in business. He is in full agreement with Gary Vaynerchuk’s philosophy “You can’t scale caring.” He also reiterates something Adam Carolla said when he visited The Solopreneur Hour, the value of over-delivering to your clients in the early stages of your learning curve.

Ryan and I don’t stop there. We also dive headlong into the nitty-gritty of Facebook advertising success. He is the self-admitted left-brained partner of another Solopreneur Hour co-host, Shane Johnston. The dynamic duo are true Facebook ads ninja experts and in this show Ryan spills his secrets.

Growing up as a football and basketball player and being raised by a self-employed father, Ryan saw early on the hustle it takes to make it in the real world. He learned quickly you’ve got to log your time to become a success in anything you do.

After spending some time working for others, including his dad, he reconnected with his former UConn college buddy, Nick Unsworth. And after seeing Nick crush it online, Ryan joined in one of Nick’s webinars. He was blown away by all of Nick’s incredible content. He took his newfound knowledge, struck out on his own and it was full-speed ahead from there.

One of the keys to his success along the way has been investing in himself, like he did when he purchased Nick’s webinar. As Ryan says in the show, “…when you invest in yourself, crazy sh*t happens.” And that crazy sh*t led him to his now Facebook ninja partner-in-crime Shane Johnston.

As you listen to the show you’ll get an earful of just how passionate Ryan is about Facebook. He gives you the down-and-dirty details on:

  • Why business is no longer built on sell, sell, sell but give, give and give.
  • The step by step breakdown of what a sales funnel is and how it works with your Facebook advertising.
  • Why you should be transparent in everything you, including everything you do for your clients.
  • How deep to niche your Facebook advertising – including how to advertise to just ONE person!
  • The three keys to finding and marketing to a specific target audience on Facebook

Whether you have a successful Facebook page, or want to have a more successful Facebook page or are just starting your page, this is the episode you’ve been waiting for.

Get your Evernote open, get your pen & paper out or whatever it is you take notes with, get it ready and turn it up. Then hit repeat, you’ll want to hear this content a few times just to let it all sink in.

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