493_altucherJames Altucher walks around life with a playful attitude, mixed with this “angsty” Jewish underpinning. He’s interested, curious, smart, and irreverent. He’s also seemingly unphazed to try completely new careers in completely different arenas. His real joy, however, is being behind his keyboard trying to articulate his thoughts into words, which he does prolifically, and annoyingly well.  (At least to this aspiring author who’s having a hell of a time getting his first book out the door)
Having written 18 books, some of them huge bestsellers, he feels like he’s just getting started and he has a few more in him, including an upcoming children’s book December of 2016.
Because we were live, in studio, this show feels like the perfect kind of conversation.  This one ranges from stand up comedy (to which he shares a mutual obsession, and a secret wish to be a stand up) , to family history, to life hacks, to minimalism, to his innate curiosity.  Any aspiring proudly unemplyable solopreneur will get a ton out of this episode!
On Twitter at @jultucher
On Instagram at @ultucher
or on his pair of podcasts, on once (or sometimes twice) a week.
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