dan-miller1Today, I brought on my new friend Dan Miller, owner and operator of the insightful and successful 48 Days online community and podcast. 

Dan is a former radio jock turned podcaster, author and coach. He gave up hosting a very high profile radio show when he saw the way the world was responding to online media. He left the show behind to start his own venture: 48 Days.net, a place devoted to helping people create work they love.

Part of his 48 Days offerings include a weekly podcast; he values the authentic connection and intimacy podcasts create with his audience.

On our show Dan talks about the path of the solopreneur.

Having held only one “real job” in his entire adult life, Dan truly understands the solopreneur aspirations. He knows what it’s like to see the possibility of time and financial freedom, and to be ruined for all employment thereafter.

He has walked his talk, and that’s one of the reasons his podcast, his community forums and his events are so sought-after.

In this episode he shares his walk and his talk including:

  • Why systemizing is so critical to everything you do as a solopreneur.
  • How you can change your life in the next 6 months with this one simple action.
  • Why saying “no” is the key and the strategic question Dan asks himself before saying it.
  • Why Dan fears NOT changing far more than he fears change – and why all thriving solopreneurs feel the same way.
  • The ONE key to your entire solopreneur career. This and nothing else can make or break you.

Whether you have a podcast or not, Dan’s insights and time-tested wisdom will continue to usher you on your solopreneur path. If you feel stuck in a rut or are unsure of what to next or how to make your next move, take a listen and you’ll hear what you need to guide you.

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