logo_2016_proudly-unemployable_400Happy Veterans Day everyone!

Free coaching Friday is in effect!  Here’s a list of today’s questions:

Kevin Dahlberg
Do you think that social media has made it possible for us to know too much about the flaws of people running for office?

Would we have had similar problems with previous presidents if there had been a magnifying glass on everything they said and did?

Thanks for the great show.

Jill Miller
I’m sure you have several questions about the election, but my question is what do you think will change for entrepreneurs now that the administration has changed? What advice would you give entrepreneurs moving forward?

Matthew Cicoria
First, what are your thoughts on having multiple lead magnets on one’s site? I will be testing an episode-specific lead magnet, which will be in the specific post for that show.

Second, can you describe the relationship between the bass player and drummer? Are there specific bass playing styles (or bass players) that complement you as a drummer?

Have you found any differences – in terms of downloads –  as it relates to the time of day, or day of week for podcast episodes?

Sam Weegman
Hey Michael, how do you decide to to split your time between project. Do you schedule out when to work on rennch, beginner audiophile, and you various other projects. Or just go with how your feeling.

John Gregory
Copyrights on Instagram: if some of the highest profile pro photographers aren’t putting copyright marks on they’re photos on Instagram (presumably due to low resolution), I’m wondering if I may be doing myself more harm than good (from a social perspective) by including them in my high end photos?

Any recommendations for a high level strategy for a YouTube launch? Not the details, but the overall approach? Should a trailer be first or just start uploading content and add a refined trailer later? Launch with several episodes at once or piecemeal? Start with a personal introduction? How long to wait before asking for crowdsourcing support like Patreon?

Brian Basilico

Love your show and a relatively new listener but you are part of my regular rotation.

I am two years into my podcast and I getting decent traffic. I email to my list, post to social media (everywhere), I have tried Facebook ads and promote the crap out of it!

Quality is good (I was a recording studio owner years ago), i‘ve had some awesome guests (Joel Comm, JLD, Armand Morin and almost 100 others).I get great feedback from listeners.

What are your Top tips to marketing a podcast to reach a broader audience?

P.S. I would love to get you on my podcast

The Bacon Guy
Brian Basilico

Emma Morton Turner
I have a question. Are there any spots left for Art of the Interview with the amazing coaching package thrown in? If there are I’d like one please. That’s my question. Please can I get that package?

James Newcomb
How do you make a podcast avatar more than a creation of your imagination? I.e. How do you inject enough reality to make it effective for real people who listen to your show?

Tanner Gers
What’s the fastest you’ve ever driven on the road? And what about as a passenger?

I buried my 68 mustang’s speedometer, but those only go up to 120. For me, 127mph was the highest quantifiable speed as read on the Heads Up Display on my Grand Prix. It hit 127 without a problem and wasn’t even coming close to a red line. The governor keeps crazy kids like me from pushing it any further for a reason. Tanner

Travis Scanlan
Long question here!

I’ve had 2 meetings with my employer’s upper management about a 2 month leave of absence that I’m trying to arrange for next year. They are open to talk about it but seem reluctant to grant it all in one year. Next Tuesday I’ve been asked to meet again and present to them three options on how to handle the request.

I haven’t been able to make a sustainable income in my side business, and I’m leery of the possibility that in order to make my 48 state trip a reality it might mean that I lose my 14 year job and a very lucrative promotion that I’m being considered for.

How do you balance the mindset of abundance vs the fear of losing your income when you don’t feel confident that you can replace it?

Also what’s the next upgrade for the Porsche?

Mateo Echabarne
Happy Veteran’s Day!
Will you be attending Nick Unsworth’s Ignite event this December?  Perhaps a surprise appearance as a speaker or emcee?
Thanks for the killer content,