499_jaysonThis episode from Jayson Gaignard of Mastermind Talks was one of the first episodes instantly slated for “Best Of” status.  The premise? Your network plays a pivotal role in your net worth, your business and your life. One of the key pillars of solopreneurship is relationships and building networks. You can see it in any successful solopreneur’s business. To show you exactly how this is done the right way, I brought Jayson Gaignard to the show today.

In episode 499Jayson Gaignard joins me to talk Timothy Ferris, masterminds, relationships and investing in networks.

For most of his adult life Jayson has been a solopreneur; he realized very early on he was unemployable. And like most solopreneurs, he has seen his share of highs and lows. He has generated $84,000 in just a few hours and brought Timothy Ferriss of The Four Hour Workweek to Canada for the first time; and Jayson has also been $250,000 in cash debt with no business and no set plan: just his solopreneurial mind, his network and his considerable willpower.

Whether at the highs of highs or the lowest of lows on his journey, Jayson has understood, utilized and leveraged the value of his network. As he says in this show, “I knew the bank could take my accounts, but they could never take my network.”

Brilliant eh?! But this wasn’t the only brilliance Jayson shared on the show, he dropped some golden nuggets like:

  • Why action without vision is simply a recipe for disaster.
  • The 7 steps to forming and solidifying a relationship with ANYONE, even the “gurus” you admire and emulate.
  • Why the integrity of your word is worth more than anything else.
  • The importance of celebrating your wins and your progress, even when you think you haven’t made it yet.
  • An unexpected yet simple way to connect and reach out with speakers after their events

Together we dive into real life lessons on how he created, built and leveraged relationships and networks for success, and how you can do the same thing in your business.

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