500The “fab four” are in the house for episode 500.  This is a beefy episode at almost 2 hours.  It’s 4 phenomenal conversations with your favorite guests.

I broke format a bit on this one, and asked them all the same questions.  Here they are:

What have you done in the last year has been a game changer for your business?  Your life? 
From a business standpoint, what are you NOT good at?
How often are you trying new things you’re terrible at?  How good are you at being a beginner?  How much patience do you give yourself? 
Best methodology for working with assistants? What’s your core team? 
What do you wish you would’ve done one year ago?
What are you most excited about for 2017?  (biz, personal)
Thanks for being part of this everyone.  I appreciate all of you!
Visit todays guests:
Mike Johnston – https://mikeslessons.com
Dr. Mark Costes – https://sixfiguresidegig.com
John Lee Dumas – https://eofire.com