502John Spencer Ellis (https://johnspencerellis.com) joins us for part II of our conversation (Listen to Episode 498 for part I) here on The Solopreneur Hour.  We start with a bit about music, and how music can really influence the “sticktuitiveness” of solopreneurs.  Basically, musicians are forced to “be a beginner” almost every single day, so it’s not surprising that most of us have the “entrepreneurial gene” and are not afraid to try new things.

After that, we dug into real estate investing…something I’m a real beginner at!  But it was pretty informative, and hopefully you can learn something from it.

We then dug into coaching, body language, and techniques for establishing rapport with anyone.

Once again, John is a fascinating dude, and it was tough to put the mic down. 🙂

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