503Howdy!  Gobble Gobble to you.

A couple of very cool announcements for this ep:

  1.  Speaking about The Art of The Interview at Social Media Marketing World 2017.  Stay tuned for Ticket Deals.
  2. Speaking at Nick Unsworth’s Life on Fire event in San Diego in early December.  Tickets are FREE to this event at https://lifeonfireevent.com

Remember, if you get the holiday blues, to  Compare down.  It’s too easy for us to look at our most beautiful, or most successful friends and family and feel our own shortcomings rise to the surface.  But, that’s just a story we are telling ourselves.  Always compare down.  What that means is…no matter how you feel, or how awful you think your life is, someone, right now, has it worse than you.   I’ve told the story many times about how a 9 year old kid who’d lost every relative and keepsake he’d ever had in Hurricane Katrina was stuck on top of a roof…water and bodies rushing by, changed my perspective on life.  I was down because my parents had passed away, I had no money, and I was losing my house…but I still had it better than that poor kiddo.  I hope he’s a brain surgeon now.

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