509bToday we chat with Dave Jackson of Libsyn and School of Podcasting.  He started podcasting in 2005(!) and now works for the largest hosting company of podcasts, Libsyn.  We have a nerdy talk about podcasting in the early days, hustling, and sticking with something until it works.

Dave Jackson has been teaching people technology since 1995 (yes I once designed a class to teach people how to surf the Internet because they didn’t know what it was. “Hey look its hot bot!”). At one point in his his career he was a three time “Employee of the Year” winner of a 40 million dollar company where he worked in about every department the company had (technician, customer service, marketing, software development, training).

In November of 2005 he launched the School of Podcasting (a site with step by step tutorials on how to podcast). This has lead to other podcasting related sites and services including Podcast Mechanic (consulting), Podcast Clicks (promotion), Learn to Subscribe (free tutorial for listeners), Podcasting Shirts (clothing), Planning Your Podcast (free tutorials). and Cooler Websites (design and blog hosting).

When he is not podcasting (oh who are we kidding) he is a guitarist in a local Ohio band, is active in his church, and is currently working on his Bachelor’s Degree (in education specializing in Tech Ed) at the University of Akron.

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