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Scott M
I am curious on your thoughts of turning a blue collar trade like welding into a online business? I have done it for over 5 years in the Aerospace Industry. I also have strong passion of woodworking in my free time and have thought of combining the two into furniture making projects. I have a site called insidethekerf.com that i have been mostly just been focusing on woodworking blog related posts. Any tips or ideas from a master like yourself of the most efficient path to go down is greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your all you do,
Jonathan R
Hey Michael, I’m embracing the suck of podcasting and uploading short podcasts based off of my blogs.  I really suck 🙂 but I feel as if it’s slowly becoming a bit more natural to talk to nobody.  When you first started what techniques/tricks did you use to be conversational.  I’ve tried talking to the reflection of myself in he computer screen but that’s just weird.  Thanks!
I’ve been listening to you for almost a year, this xmas.  You’ve had a strong influence on some of the actions I’ve taken.  I’ve checked out conferencetopia, I’m thinking really hard about organify it’s a toss up between you and JLD (lol), I’m having some serious thouhgts about the coaching and the art of the interview.
Neil H
HI Michael
Greetings and Salutations from the UK (Please don’t do the British accent, now I have said that I know you will, so maybe go for a Dick Van Dyke or a northern accent if you are feeling especially creative)
Here’s my deal, I have enjoyed an insane 12 months that saw me labeled the #2 Tech writer on the whole of LinkedIn and featured in many respected platforms. I created a writing business and one year later one of my clients is also now gaining the same recognition, but this time I’m a ghostwriter in the shadows letting somebody else take the glory.
So despite having successful podcast (Tech Blog Writer Podcast) and successful clients that I am helping, I need to create a sales funnel to introduce a a passive income steam too. Luckily I know a web funnel creation guy who is ready to go, but my problem is I do not know what to create.
So my question is, what kind of product do you think I should create? Having achieved great success in my field and then replicated it for others too, I am naturally leaning towards a personal branding, thought leadership kind of course. The only problem is I cannot publicize what I have achieved with others because I am locked down with NDA’s.
Essentially I’m a longtime listener and first time emailer and I need a little nudge in the right direction.
Huge thanks for your help and a great podcast that is the soundtrack to my lunchtime runs.
Jose G

Hey Michael,

What do you suggest would be a smooth way to introduce members of a free FB group to my products.
The FB group is a community for people with back pain and I get around 10-15 new members organically every day.
I don’t wanna be pushy and just tell them to buy my products.
Any ideas?
Mark B

What is the best way to drive traffic to a new website that has been properly optimized with organic seo outside of AdWords?