510_aaronSpreading your message on other people’s podcasts is the quickest way to achieve notoriety.  Aaron Walker has done it close to 200 times in the last couple of years.  Today he gives us the formula on how he’s been able to build his brand so well on other podcasts.

Aaron was so successful with his process that he started a company called Interview Valet (https://interviewvalet.com) and helps others get interviewed on many different podcasts.

He came from very humble beginnings to open his own pawn shop at age 18, expanded that business to include three more stores over the next few years, and sold the whole franchise to a Fortune 500 company by the time he was 27. He continued to build and expand further businesses over the next few decades and was able to hang it all up and retire at age 50.  He’s retired twice, and is now on his 3rd career, where he helps coach aspiring entrepreneurs.

My favorite quote from this episode: “The office doesn’t have memories,  but families do.”