Zlata Sushchik of Sexyfit.com stops by Studio 86 to talk about her new book, The Sexyfit Method.  Zlata, a Russian native who only spoke two words when she immigrated to the United States at 16, has competed in 26 fitness competitions, and now built a multiple six-figure business with Sexyfit, her coaching program for female fitness.

We talk about growing up in Russia, what triggered her to begin doing fitness competitions, how she started Sexyfit, and how hard it is to write a book!  Being a solopreneur is always a struggle, no matter what the level you’re playing at.  This process for her not only had to codify the brand and the message, but caused some internal strife with her trusted team as well.

Through the process, she maintains a great sense of humor, and has a mind as sharp as a tack.  Really fun convo, enjoy.

Her podcast, twice a week on iTunes, is called the Sexyfit Podcast.

Check out the book at https://sexyfit.com/book