Welcome to our weekly Q&A edition of The Solopreneur Hour. If you haven’t been here before on Fridays we publish an episode devoted to answering YOUR questions dear listeners! To submit a question join the mailing list, contact me via the Contact page on the site or join our Proudly Unemployable Facebook group.

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A few of today’s questions:

Q: Free Friday question: Love the show, learning a lot! I started a CPR certification business. Other than teaching more – would like to grow my business by creating content as you have said many times before. Would like to create an easy to follow “how to” card. Need suggestions on software that is easy to use that doesn’t take a ton of time to learn? Thanks much, Greg in Howe Texas (near Dallas)
Q:Loved the recent episode with Andrew Jones – lots of application in our world about how he focused on one specific segment of the speaker market at a time.​  Am also glad to hear Dawn Marrs on the show – this needs to become an even more regular segment!
Followed your lead and got my first media credential for the upcoming Collision tech conference in New Orleans later this year! Never thought to ask before, so thanks for reminding us podcasters that we are part of the media, at least when we want to be!
 You’ve been talking up the Olo Clip camera lately. I am excited about this because I’ve been using Instagram to share photos of New Orleans and grow my brand (@Beyondbourbonst on Instagram). Will it fit over an iPhone case or does the camera need to be naked? I tend to destroy stuff so the thought of the phone without protection scares me!
Q: Hey, Michael… No question for you today. I just wanted to give back a little. I already did a review ages ago and that just isn’t enough for how often you keep me company on the entrepreneurial journey so today, I shared your show with 35,000 other entrepreneurs and wannapreneurs in the Screw the Nine to Five Group. Hope it gets you some more listens. Thank you for all you do for us. I loved hearing your music conference story and loved how excited you were to share it with us even more.
Q: Following up on your response to my SoloLab question – can you give some examples of where a brand and a website wouldn’t match? What about a website and an IG handle, should they match or can they be different if they are closely integrated?
See you next week!