From growing up in Iran with missiles destroying buildings next to him, to being ignored by a deadbeat dad his whole life, Pejman Ghadimi has faced adversity that many of us would use as an excuse for mediocrity.  
His will and drive drove him to success, no matter what obstacle came before him.
This episode is not only about overcoming adversity, but also about creating a life that you didn’t think was possible.
Pejman has done a fantastic job creating businesses out of his hobbies, including one that allows him to drive cars worth over a half a million dollars, and wear watches on his wrist upwards of $50,000. Now, we don’t all aspire to such luxury, but whatever your version of success, PJs road map will show you how to achieve it.
PS, if you are a car or a watch person, this is a great episode for you!
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