Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 9.53.56 AMHappy 2014 Soloists! We ushered in the new year with the fifth episode of Find Your Swing™ co-hosted by the talented and vivacious Dawn Marrs.

In case you are new to the FYS shows, these episodes are entirely devoted to answering listeners’ questions on solopreneurship. The questions range and vary in every show as do the people who contact us. Soloists write to us who are simply wondering what business they could create based on their skill set and interests; and yet others contact us who have already built successful businesses and now want to work less and expand more.

Although the questions and the people differ from show to show, one common theme runs through them all: a desire to fire their 9 to 5 and work for themselves on their own terms as solopreneurs.

In this particular show, we cover a number of topics including when to call in the marketing experts, how to marry two seemingly different passions and the absolutely VITAL role mentorship plays no matter what business you are in, no matter how successful that business is.

Listen to hear even more great info like:

  • Who and how to connect with people on Facebook to successfully grow your network
  • How to translate brick and mortar business success into passive income streams
  • The invaluable advice we give to one listener who has a PhD in engineering and wants to start a podcast – and how that advice is relevant to YOUR business
  • How we suggest one listener combine his diverse interests of civil engineering and photography
  • The most direct way to find a successful mentor who will help you and your business grow

And that’s just a glimpse of what episode 54 has in store for you. There’s a metric ton of great info in this show, thanks to your questions! We couldn’t do this show without you so if you have a burning question about your business or just want another perspective, write to us here and we’ll do our best to answer you live on the next FYS.

Speaking of the next FYS, we have some exciting news! In 2014, Find Your Swing is going to become its very OWN podcast. Stay tuned for details – we’ll keep you posted.

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