On today’s show, I deconstruct my most recent launch of the Beginner Audiophile podcast, and walk you through some steps that should be included in every single launch, no matter what platform you choose.

While these are not hard and fast rules, it is a good outline to work from. It doesn’t matter if you are launching a podcast, a YouTube channel, a blog, I live workshop, or anything else. Take some notes, make an assessment of where you are in the process, and go from there.

Successful launch
Organized (gmail, pick platform)
Branding/ need.
What’s the audience? Are they passionate? Will they spend money? It’s possible to find certain niches within, but it’s easier when you know they will spend the money already.
Announce it to the world.
Plant the seeds.  Start providing background content. Like my Instagram account.
Create some sort of lead capture to use on announcement day
Start making industry connections. (emails, tradeshows. )
Act like you’ve been there before.
Create your main content, or at least begin doing so
Start chipping final tasks off the list, but try not to get overwhelmed
 Finalize show, or blog, or book, or YouTube channel.
“Soft launch” your content
Announce it on official launch day with a bang. Ask friends and family to support you in your launch.
Continue to double down with Facebook ads, Instagram ads, announcements during the week. Continue to ask for your friends and family to support you.