Today’s episode, live in studio, was recorded with Jill and Josh Stanton from Screw The Nine to Five ( and Kate Erickson and John Lee Dumas from EO Fire (  We talked about how they’ve each created an incredible community around their brands, both online and off.  They shared tons of stories and tips about how you might create your own communities as well.  Happy episode 550!


In this very special show to celebrate #550, five solopreneurs discuss about how you can build a growing, effective, and most importantly engaging community. With Josh and Jill Stanton of Screw the Nine to Five and Kate Ericsson and John Lee Dumas of EOFire, I talk Facebook Groups, and how they are the best way to get engagement without paying, live conferences, and the importance of swag in starting conversations and creating community.

People want to be a part of something and if you can make sure that they feel included in that collective voice that’s how you grow community.


2:20 – Social Media Marketing World is THE place to come. Josh says it’s one of the best networking events he’s attended.

2:50 – Kate gives tips for introverts attending conferences.

8:00 – Pimp it everywhere! That’s how Jill grows the Screw Community.

14:44 – The Screw Community absolutely plays into their revenue, though it is hard to directly report

17:24 – The word is “ascension” when you are thinking about how to sell someone an additional product when they’ve already bought from you.

20:55 – What kind of business works when you’re a digital nomad—think time zones and how you interact with your clients and community.

27:20 – The key to working with your partner is to “divide and conquer”. Use the strengths you have focusing on what you each do well and use tools like Slack to communicate.

43:00 – John Lee Dumas announces that he’ll have a forthcoming book.

50:40 – Jill says the best advice to grow your Facebook Group is to show up, be present, talk to your members not at them, and know what your members do to help connect people. A good quote which summarizes her thoughts is “care about what the people you care about care about.”

56:20 – You want to support and nurture those who really take ownership of your community and who give back. Don’t be afraid to pay those who nurture your community.


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