Noah Kagan is cool, fun, and funny.  He’s also one of the original employees at Facebook,, and is the founder of Sumo and  This show was great, and we talked about taking action, building your business like it’s 1987, your mindset, what it was like to create AppSumo, how to repurpose all of your content.

What is the difference between a good service and a great service? Being memorable.


In today’s show the conversation with Noah Kagan covers topics from Entrepreneur 101–business building basics–all the way to excellent Mexican food and why if you want to learn a skill, you need to hire a coach.

Along the way, they cover some favorite YouTube artists and channels, awesome resources for everyone to use in building businesses, and excellent life+business advice about sharing your service and gifts rather than just asking, “what can I do for you?”.


4:39 – With podcasting everyone has to have their own unique angle. This applies not just to interviews, but also all businesses.

15:40 – The building part of businesses is easy. The hard part is the selling.

20:10 – How to get anyone to like you? Ask for their advice.

30:15 – You have to try out the things that work, like email or sales, and see how they work in your business.

34:10 – Sort your podcasts by downloads and let your listeners tell you what they want to hear. It’s the concept of “create your dishes where your customers want to be eating”.

45:00 – He provides his favorite YouTube channels and also discusses why he prefers YouTube to podcasting because he receives more stats.

49:55 – The “Entrepreneurial Secret”? Hard work.

53:25 – There is a big difference between the friend that says, “tell me if I can do anything for you”, versus the friend that shows up with groceries or says “you have to go out tonight” and gets you out of the house. This translates to entrepreneurship because if you show up and say, “I have done this for you. Here’s what I can do,” then it puts the question back on the person you want to work with to hire you or not.

63:24 Go solve your own problems. That’s how you build a business.

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