Today was fun, because I got to (seriously) nerd out with one of my childhood heroes, BMX Legend Dennis Langlais.  After chatting about his history in BMX, we talk about how it helped shape his entrepreneurial life, what he was able to do because of BMX, and how it’s dovetailed him into his current business, a podcast called 5 Minute Bark, available twice a week wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Keep trying your trick. One day you’ll nail it.


Michael reveals his passion for and history with BMX in this interview with Dennis Langlais, BMX legend. He’s the host of 5 Minute Bark, a podcast where he talks to entrepreneurs. During this conversation he discusses how he got started with BMX, at what early age he started getting sponsors, and how what he learned with BMX translated into entrepreneurship.


5:30 – A brief history of Dennis’ BMX as well as Michael’s relationship with BMX.

9:30 – The idea of continuing to try tricks in BMX, eventually you nail it. This is entrepreneurship in a nutshell.

14:55 – Dennis discusses how he got started with BMX.

20:00 – How Dennis started getting noticed as a young BMX rider.

28:40 – There’s a big resurgence in BMX, especially of vintage gear.

37:00 – How to approach a sponsor.

42:00 – Each business is different. You figure out one business, but you can’t transfer it to another business without figuring it out again.

46:20 – All the details about 5 Minute Bark, Dennis’ podcast.

50:35 – Start locally. You can manufacture celebrity status. Network and get people to trust you.

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