My buddy Clay Hebert was in studio today. (  Clay is a crowdfunding and marketing genius.  I was way overdue having him on the show!

It was one of those shows that could have gone for hours! and we talked how to introduce yourself at a conference, the sales process, how to hack Amazon to get great ideas for products and books, and tons more!

Thank him on the Twitter @clayhebert

Different is better than better

Well known for mastering the 6-word intro and crowdfunding, Clay Hebert shares with us his incredible marketing insights. He defines psychographics and explains why they’re more important than demographics, then goes on to explain the primary problem with influencer marketing. On top of that, he shares a couple of his favorite books with us and offers a podcast suggestion and wisdom from previous guest Tucker Max.

9:07 – The Perfect Intro is how to introduce yourself and your business in six words or less. Short and sweet is better.

20:00 – Being able to introduce your friends well is a talent

26:35 – Marketers don’t understand the difference between direct marketing and brand marketing and that causes so much pain.

43:10 – Twitter is not about number of followers and if you focus only on number of followers that’s part of the problem with influencer marketing.

52:24 – What is psychographics and how they impact marketing

62:25 – Listicles feel like they’re being useful. Most people don’t use them to start their own research.

Resources Mentioned On The Show



The Graveyard Book

The Moment (Podcast), use coupon code “Solo50” for 50% off

Tucker Max, episode 250 of the Solopreneur Hour