I first met Katie at Podfest (Podfest.us) where I spoke in Orlando.  She was running around making sure everyone was doing ok, and handling fires as they came up.  Sounds a lot like being a solopreneur!

Katie is the founder of Biz Women Rock, empowering women entrepreneurs all over the world.

On this show, we chat about creating a FB group that makes you money, how to host your own retreat, making that tough transition from employed to solopreneur, and how doing things that don’t scale can really help your business.

Finding out who needs what is the heart of running, and monetizing, a successful Facebook Group

[10:40] How humans communicate applies to every job you do.
[15:30] Biz Women Rock started with a passion around women as entrepreneurs.
[22:45] When it comes to entrepreneurship, both people in a relationship have to be on the same page with entrepreneurial decisions.
[29:15] The switch between an employee mindset and an entrepreneur mindset is being comfortable with whatever is in your bank account, whether that’s more or less than you want to see at any given moment.
[37:00] Before you spend time building the funnel and the structure, put your thoughts down on paper and sell it. Once it’s sold, then you can spend time building the funnel. It takes experimentation.
[45:00] A Facebook Group is a home.
[52:45] Part of monetizing a Facebook Group is determining who needs what. Which lead to her in person retreat and recently led to her Elite program.


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