As a childhood spent as an innately curious,  voracious reader, Lolly Daskal could be found with a philosophy book in her hand as she grew up in Brooklyn.  That studious, curious mind has propelled her into high level mindset and leadership coaching for the majority of her life.  Her new book, The Leadership Gap, highlights how we, as solopreneurs, can identify our shortcomings and harness that knowledge into a higher level of success.

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Instead of thinking about what you need to do, think about who you need to become.


[9:45] The three books that changed her life and why.
[12:20] The void she found in most business and personal development books and how her book is different.
[16:10] Let it go to allow something new to come in.
[26:30] Why constantly being a student makes her a better leadership coach.
[31:15] Why you need FreshBooks
[36:20] The leadership gap explained.


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