8c03fc8984bf76c9ea1faa5f270d9e3cHustling: it’s not just for online marketers and entrepeneurs. Anyone who has succeeded at anything has done so because they’ve hustled, whatever industry they’re in. Anna Vocino has made a career in Hollywood, starring in improv comedy show Free Radio on Comedy Central, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and The Lance Krall Show.  She’s done voiceovers for hundreds of commercials and dozens of video games.

Listen for the consistent hustle as Anna shares the ups & downs of working in show biz in episode 57.

Anna relates the lessons she’s learned from her years in the acting and comedy worlds to experiences every solopreneur faces: realizing you’re unemployable, the fear of committing to your heart’s calling and the test of believing in yourself regardless of outside circumstances.

During the show, you’ll hear how Anna has led her life with the embodiment of the 3 H’s of solopreneurship: hustle, hustle, hustle.

She and I also reveal:

  • The value of finding “your people”
  • The power of saying no and following your heart
  • How Anna went from running an improv theatre to being interviewed for the role of Obama’s campaign CFO
  • The comedy improv rule of “yes, and” – and how it applies to your business and your life
  • Why creative expression and creation are so important to any solopreneur in any industry

There’s plenty of knowledge dropped in this show and lots of laughs. You’re sure to be entertained while being enlightened and educated.

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