Are you really ready to move forward in 2014? And by forward I mean make a MAJOR leap? Then I have great news for you: this episode focuses on the number one thing you can to make that happen this year.

So what is it? What is the top action you can take that is going to make all the difference? Getting a coach and joining a mastermind.

Yes we’ve touched on this topic before but after the AMAZING weekend I had, I simply had to drive this point home. Coaching and masterminds make THE difference; I experienced this firsthand over the weekend when I was in a six-person mastermind group that included Pat Flynn, Chris Ducker, and Caleb Wojcik.  People pay thousands of dollars to get coaching and suggestions from these guys – and I received it personally because I’m part of a mastermind.

Every single person out there who is making massive strides in their business is being coached and is involved in a mastermind. Everyone invests in themselves and their business; they know the best, fastest and most effective way to move forward is with a coach who is further along then they are.

This applies to you and your business. Wherever you are with your business and with your personal finances, there is a coaching and mastermind option for you. Here’s the breakdown:

If you only have $100, start with the Sexy Six Solopreneur books:

  1. Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  2. The Cashflow Quadrant
  3. The E-Myth Revisited
  4. The Four Hour Work Week
  5. StrengthsFinder 2.0
  6. Crush It

And then find podcasts you love and listen. Whether it’s this one or Pat Flynn’s or Amy Porterfield’s or anyone else’s, find podcasters you resonate with and listen to all of their content. Absorb, absorb, absorb.

If you’ve got a big of a bigger budget, there are a few other options when you’re looking at coaching and mastermind groups.

At the $200/month level, you’ll find groups like SoloLab, John Lee Dumas’ Fire Starter Elite, Natalie Sisson’s Freedom Fighters and many others. In these groups you’ll be a part of an active Facebook group, perhaps received a bit of personal coaching and will have regular webinars and/or Google Hangouts. The point is to begin surrounding yourself with like-minded people on a more personal and private level.

Going up to the $500 per month level, your coaching and mastermind group activities will go up a notch. You’ll receive more personal coaching, plus Facebook groups, videos, accountability programs and additional content.

And beyond that you get into groups that start around $1k- $3k per month and go up from there. These are the elite groups where you can expect multiple private, one on one coaching sessions. You’ll also receive copies of all the coach’s training products like ebooks, videos, online courses, etc. And naturally you’ll be connected to other members of the program via online and offline channels. These are the groups where the heavy hitters come to get coached and grow their businesses.

Wherever you’re at with your business and with your finances, you can find an option that works for you. Whether you choose to coach with me or with someone else, I don’t really care so long as you DO IT. This is the same philosophy as with your business: take action, even if it isn’t perfect. Get out there, find someone you really like, someone you admire and respect and get coached by them. Find out what they offer and sign yourself up.

And if you can’t do it today, then start with the Sexy Six and podcasts til you can. You should be putting aside 20% of what you make and reinvesting it into yourself and your business. Start doing that and when you’ve saved enough, join the coaching and mastermind group that speaks to you.

I want all of you to sign an NDA in the comments below and make a commitment to be coached this year!

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