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591: Brian Scrone Made Millions. Then Lost It All. Then Made it Again. Then He Learned What Matters Most.

Today we're joined by author, and baller real estate investor Brian Scrone, to talk about his new book "What Matters Most - Finding Your Focus with the 5F's"

This was an interesting episode...I had a thought that it would go one way, and it went completely another way.

After making a boatload of money in real estate in the early "aughts", he invested in Florida.

Then everything crashed.

Now, he's back with a vengeance, and our conversation took us into this exceptional world of "systematized real estate investing", which was really fascinating.

Even if you're not interested in RE Investing, I think the episode is really valuable from the standpoint of how to organize your business.


(and go buy his book.  Link is above. )

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