If you’ve ever thought about starting a YouTube Channel, this is the show for you.  In fact, the content of this show applies whether you’re starting a YouTube Channel, livestreaming, podcasting, blogging, or anything else related to creating your own content.

Jeff Micklem (https://youtube.com/homebuiltbyjeff) is a firefighter by trade…vintage Porsche fixer-upper in his spare time.  18 months ago (As of July 2017) he started the Home Built By Jeff Youtube Channel, documenting the trials and tribulations of rebuilding his first vintage Porsche 911.

Every week he tackles a new problem, has new obstacles to face, and keeps plugging away.  The channel continues to grow, and he brings us every step of the way, with the successes, and the failures.

We talk extensively about how to begin your YouTube channel, what kind of gear will work, how the show is “scripted”, when to monetize, and a ton of other topics.

Check Jeff out on Youtube, or Instagram.