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Questions from this ep:
Daniel Deleon
Did you use your podcast to get into Comic Con? I used my podcast to get into NAMM (thanks to your advice from Conferencetopia).
Chris Padgett
The Solopreneurhour was the very first podcast I ever listened to 4 years ago. The awesome content you always deliver is one thing, but I have always admired your dedication to quality.  That being said, there is another podcast that I listen to with great content and a very famous host.  However, for a person of their caliber, the quality of their recording equipment/technique makes it sound like amateurs in their mom’s basement.  Rather than contacting them and criticizing, I was thinking I wanted to contact them to offer to volunteer to help bring the show up to the professional level it should be.  The show has two hosts that are always speaking over the phone.  Other than the equipment described in your podacsting premium package, do you have any equipment/software suggestions for recording phone conversations, as well as any recording tips when both hosts are in remote locations?
Chris Sariadarus
Is it advised to try to direct cold traffic to a webinar that has a Sales portion at the end? (Facebook ad – to Optin for Webinar)?
Or is it Way better to warm up those prospects first with a sequence like this: Facebook Ad > Opt in for Free High-Value 3-part email/video sequence > Webinar with buy-now Sales pitch at the end of the webinar?
Thank you for all of your excellent content and inspiration. I often listen to your Solopreneur podcast and learn a lot!
– Chris
JC Preston
Which do you relate to more? Do you “hate to lose” or “love to win”?
Gregory Woodbury
Is it smarter to launch a “trailer” episode before my podcast launch? Thinking should build somewhat of an audience first.
Thanks and please look out for “The 9 Minute Detailer Podcast”
Jared Van Dyke
Hi Michael!
I’m wanting to start a podcast but I don’t have a definite niche that I want to speak on, nailed down.
I have many ideas but I’ve had trouble focusing in on the one.  Would you recommend just hitting record and talking through some various topics to see what hits home for me?  Then maybe I will find my direction.  (Even if I don’t publish them I was thinking this may help.)
I was even considering a podcast of my journey in business as a start.  I’ve done many network marketing gigs, started a home inspection company and now I just started as an independent insurance agent, again.
I am so thankful for all the goodness you put in our earballs.  Keep rocking and I’ll keep listening.
Thank you in advance!
Jared Van Dyke
What was the most surprising thing you came across as you went through your stuff? Was there a hidden gem?
Have a delightful day!
Emma Morton Turner
Free coaching Saturday question – if it’s not too late?
What was your biggest fear when starting your business (podcast/ online/ anything) and how did you overcome it.
See you Wednesday.
Em x
Ray Hofstedts
Good Day Michael,
Q: What’s on YOUR whiteboard? Maybe you can rant a bit about scheduling to get your stuff done.
Here’s my Whiteboard list for today:
– Neck Block shaping for Cigar Box Guitar
– Glue Tail block and cut sound braces
– Get Art ready for sale at Angel City Brewery tomorrow
– Cook dinner for Stella
Takes a minute but I should nail most of it.
I’ll listen in on Saturday in the Guitar Shop
Thanks for the show,