Sometimes it takes a traumatic experience or a poignant life lesson to get us to pivot and shift gears in our life.  Such was the case for returning guest Brett Campbell, who tells a sad story about losing a friend that really shifted his perspective on life and success.  Brett joins us with new insights, and has written a new book called “Right Now – Why Not You, and Why Not Now” (available now at which operates on the premise that we should always be striving towards building our dream life, instead of wasting it building someone else’s dream.

Mike and Brett Discuss:

  • 7:20 174 Days Off – Planning and living life in a desired way
  • 9:11 The Right Now Lifestyle Method
  • 11:52 Planning wasn’t part of Bretts DNA
  • 12:42 Not living up to your potential. Looking back 6 months from now, are you happy with what you have been working on could you say yes
  • 15:35 8 Years ago Brett moved from New Zealand where he grew up in a very low social, economic area with little opportunity around. Brett moved to Australia to embark on his entrepreneurial journey. At the time he left, one of Brett’s dear friends got diagnosed with breast cancer. While Brett was in Australia, Brett’s friend was going through treatment, he was out of sight out of mind, didn’t see her go through the treatment. Brett almost blocked the process she was going through out of his mind like it wasn’t happening. The great thing was she coming out the other side of the treatment great. She was a school teacher, inspiring young children and then one day she got a headache, and it was worse than normal. She went to the doctors, and they did a brain scan, and they discovered she had a brain tumor. It was a total shock to the system. All Brett thought why her, why her a second time. She went through chemotherapy again. Brett called up his her husband (One of Brett’s best mates) and asked: “How’s she doing, I was thinking of taking a bit of a holiday, when should I come over?” His best mate said, “No rush mate, she’s coming home on Monday, you could come over in the next few weeks.” Brett hopped off the phone and went to book his plane tickets and this wickedly overwhelming feeling of intuition just flooded his body. He didn’t know what to make of it, but he just knew he shouldn’t book the tickets. He rang his friend up again and told him he was coming over next week. He was lucky enough financially that he could just drop everything and come over. He arrived there on Tuesday, he rang his friend to find out ho she was and was told she was doing well and just got home.The house they lived in was really small. His friend still had to be in a hospital bed, so the hospital bed was set up in the living room. She didn’t have a good nights sleep, so she was drifting in and out of sleep when Brett arrived. Brett sat beside her holding her hand; he saw she was not in any pain, and she whispered to him, thank you so for coming. Three hours later she passed away in front of them.
  • 22:31 When she passed away he went to beast mode, it wasn’t until the plane ride home he burst into tears. He saw all his old friends in New Zealand and they comment on his life and his successes, What looked like successful on the outside didn’t feel like success on the inside, he was upset with himself, he knew he wasn’t living up to his full potential.
    Why not me? Why not now?
  • 25:35 Good is the enemy of great. What is that thing that you would do for free for the rest of your life? Then you can look at how to monetize it to live the life that you want. Its about looking at the four key phases Brett mentioned and working on them incrementally to build upon the next. You can’t go design the life you want if you don’t really know where you are currently at right now or where you truly want to go.
  • 27:35 Evolution and the hierocracy of needs
  • 32:02 The importance of health and wellness
  • 38:15 Why Brett decided to write a book
  • 41:51 First steps to designing a life we want
  • 48:11 New age of lifestyle design
  • 53:30 Doesn’t matter where you are on our journey, you can start this right now. Are you getting the 2.0 version of yourself in the environment you are in
  • 56:01 Small actionable steps
  • 59:37 Looking at you from a 30,000ft perspective
  • 60:35 Why not you, why not now? Why do we over complicate these things. When we think something is harder than it is, we don’t take action
  • 61:53 Where to find the book and bonuses

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