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EXPERIMENT: it dawned on me today that most people that really want to get their name out there and advertise their business probably can’t afford to do it on a big podcast. Advertising on my show costs over $2500 per month.

My idea behind the show has always been to “move the needle” for my listeners.

So, I’m going to put my money where my mouth is. I want to make advertising your business easy and affordable, so you grow, get new clients, and sell more products.

I am going to offer a 60 second pre-roll on my show for only $100. This will expose you to 5-10k targeted solopreneurs.

I am only going to offer 36 slots.

I have 100% discretion over what I will advertise. It has to be congruent with my audience. No adult themed products or gambling.

If you have an event, podcast, product, blog, YouTube channel, or service, this could be awesome for you.

If you are interested, reserve your spot from the link below.

READY TO GO. Remember, first come, first served!

Click this link:

UPDATE: I’m going to open it up to 36 slots now because of the overwhelming interest. (That’s three full months) I’ll post a landing page in a bit where you’ll be able to hold your slot.

If you’re new and don’t know how this works here goes: once a week I ask you to send me your questions and I answer them on Friday.

If you want to be part of the fun for next week’s Q&A show join us in the Facebook group here or grab my free course called CONFERENCETOPIA.  Look for my post on Thursdays, write your question in the comments or respond to my weekly email, then listen in to the show on Friday!

Thanks to every one of you for tuning in on a regular basis.

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