WEs-Chapman-300x288If I handed you a script that told the true story of Wesley Chapman’s life, you’d hand it back and tell me “it’s too outlandish…no one will believe it”.   

From being abandoned and abused at a young age, to becoming one of the most brilliant consultant/strategists featured on NBC, Forbes and TechCrunch (just to name a few), Wes has a wisdom that belies his 33 years on Earth.

In episode 61, Wes talks about what it takes to walk the path of the solopreneur; the gumption, fortitude and internal strength that’s necessary to face the daily – sometimes hourly – roller coaster ride that is solopreneurship.

Listen to the show to find out the #1 piece of strategy for a new entrepreneur, who Wes’ famous father is, and the origin of the interesting fabric that lines one of his sport jackets.

We also dive into topics like:

  • The importance of being your own you. How being true to yourself will bring everything else together.
  • The reality check you can and should do with yourself before starting a venture.
  • Why it’s important to know there’s nothing you can do about yesterday. And how you can live with the past without letting it control any part of your life.
  • Why your failures, problems and challenges are a necessary part of your solopreneurial journey for your business and your life.
  • The necessity of fashion in making a first impression: and how to have fun with your own style.
  • You’re always selling to humans. Why focusing on this one fact will make a difference in your business, no matter what you’re providing.

Wesley shares his personal stories and experiences behind these insights. He has walked his talk and candidly tells of the tremendous obstacles he’s overcome to do so, both in his career and his personal life.

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