Returning for his second visit with The Solopreneur Hour, is Vinnie Tortorich. Dubbed The World’s Angriest Trainer, Vinnie has come back to share his battle and triumph over leukemia, as well as why the world is getting fatter despite our overabundance of healthy supermarkets, gyms and organic foods.

Join us as we have banter about all of those topics, and a whole lot more on this redux of episode 101.

More About This Show

If you missed Vinnie’s first appearance on the show, you can have a listen here. We had a great time chatting, so much so we never got to talking about Vinnie’s battle with (and subsequent defeat of) leukemia. It’s a tale worth telling for both the personal lessons he shares as well as the solopreneurial inspiration he provides.

But the show isn’t just about leukemia, we cover a wide variety of topics like an in-depth discussion of cars including the origins of Lamborghini and the world’s top Porsche collectors, Vinnie’s take on nutrition and fitness today and the importance of hustle and outworking anyone else to truly succeed.

You’ll also discover things like:

  • Vinnie’s battle with leukemia: what he was doing at the time he found out and how he battled it.
  • Why calorie in and calorie out does not work.
  • How to eat and when you’re on the go: what to have in your fridge?
  • Why low-fat versions and man-made foods don’t work.
  • What’s renegotiating and how do you use it as a solopreneur?
  • How he sold tens of thounsands of his audiobook, Fitness Confidential and what made it such a success.

In episode 101, Vinnie and I have a conversation that flows from one topic to another to another to another –  but at the heart of them all there are a few main themes. Those themes are as important to a solopreneur as anything else you can hear: how adversity builds character, the proper way to fuel your body and your life, and the necessity of learning as you build your solopreneur dreams.

Vinnie’s no-nonsense, no-BS style is always a welcome addition to the show and it was a pleasure to have him back on. Clearly we could’ve talked for hours so I’m sure he’ll be returning!

In the mean time, let us know what you think of the show in the comments below. How are you going to feed your body differently? Are you up for a 30 day no-grain, no-sugar challenge? Vinnie and I want to hear from you and hear your results!


Episode Resources

Vinnie’s web site
Vinnie’s podcast: The World Angriest Trainer
Episode 83 with Vinnie
Fitness Confidential: Vinnie’s Book
A  Will Smith video: inspiration for solopreneurs

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