When you were a kid, did you ever sing-along to the radio and dream of being a pop star? I’m betting more than a few of us did! My guest, Jennifer Paige, was blessed enough to live out that fantasy. She talks about her pop star experiences and shares the wisdom she’s gained during her professional musical career.

More About This Show

Our co-host for episode 87 is the beautiful and talented Jennifer Paige, famous singer, songwriter and performer. Many of you in the US will recognize her as the woman behind the #1 single “Crush”, although she’s had numerous hits around the globe.

For those of you who have listened before, you know I love having singers, actors and comedians join the Solopreneur Hour because they get it: they get the necessity of the hustle. And Jennifer is unequivocally a hustler; she has been since she began dreaming of singing as a child.

The finer details of this show include:

  • The art of the humble brag: when, where, and how to use it
  • Did she ever consider quitting?
  • Outsmarting your next step: getting to the next level, wherever you are at
  • Jennifer’s solopreneurial journey from pursuing her childhood dream to “making it”
  • What musical dreams hasn’t she fulfilled yet?

Jennifer was a blast to have on the show; she was graceful, charming and open. She shared her most embarrassing moment – something she’s never talked about publicly before!

And she was also very forthcoming about the lows and highs of working in the music industry as a solopreneur. It’s worth a listen to hear the parallels between her trials and victories as a professional musician and your odyssey as a solopreneur.

Stay tuned til the end and you’ll hear a never-before-released song of Jennifer’s. If you like, you can download it at her web site.


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Jennifer’s site
Undercover Karaokee with Jewel

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