Brittany Michalchuk grew up in an entrepreneurial family in Calgary Alberta.  She’s the founder of Bracelets For Humanity (, a serial entrepreneur, and is heavily focused on keeping a positive mindset.  She’s also about to star in Canada’s version of The Bachelor.

On today’s show we chat about:

  • Growing up in a really entrepreneurial house
  • What it was like to be the “ugly kid”, and how she went from that to a beauty queen
  • How she keeps a positive mindset
  • What it was like to be on The Bachelor
  • How she surrounds herself with positive people…or she bounces.

This is a mantra/methodology she uses for herself on a day to day basis:

First, get clear on your purpose and vision and your future life.

 Then, Ask yourself these questions:
  1. What am I thinking?
  2. What am I doing? (being productive, drinking too much, regrettable actions…)
  3. Who are you with? (what environment are you in?  Who you surround yourself by? What convos are you having?)
If they don’t align with your vision, purpose, or future, you count 3-2-1 and change it.
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