Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 9.53.56 AMWelcome to Find Your Swing™ Episode Number 7!!! This show and the six before it,  are devoted to giving you, the listener, free career advice.

If you haven’t listened to one of our other FYS shows, here’s how it works: listeners write to myself and the effervescent Dawn Marrs (dot com) with their questions about their businesses and their ambitions.

In every FYS show, the write-ins come from many different industries and from people at various stages in their professional timelines. And we dish out advice, suggestions and action tips.

Here’s a taste of what we did in the seventh installment of FYS:

  • How to network and create a true connection in any environment.
  • What the National Association of Music & Merchants show can teach you about being a solopreneur.
  • The secret to creating the perfect URL: how it will help our architect/Etsy store owner listener and YOU.
  • How to transition from trading time for dollars to passive income freedom, whatever field you are in.
  • Why creating an info product for his janitorial company is a necessary step and the value his lesson provides for your solopreneurial journey.
  • The importance of laser-targeting in the marathon industry: and how you can apply this same knowledge to your business.

We so appreciate the questions you write in with and we love to offer up our thoughts on what you can do to move forward in your business right now.

These shows are all about you and your questions.  If you want to be included in the next FYS, just fill out some info here about you and what you’re up to. We look forward to hearing from you on the next FYS.

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