coverBest of Episode: Natalie Sisson was the co-Founder of the successful startup Fundrazr when she packed it in, and packed up and decided to travel the world. That was over 3.5 years ago, and she’s still traveling!  She’s built a mega-successful online brand and has now been traveling (with no permanent home) teaching, podcasting, and writing.  We spend an hour chatting like old friends, even though we’ve just met.

Sitting in San Diego “clinking” plastic wine glasses, we talked about her journey as the blogger of Womenz World to the evolution of The Suitcase Entrepreneur as a brand.

Natalie mentioned the best ways to get “traction on your blog, and how to ensure you profit from every online course you design.

We mentioned a million cool resources and links, including these:

The You Economy – Tara Gentile 

Fundrazr – 

Infusionsoft  –

Get Response –

Tweet Adder –

Hootsuite –

Blogworld / New Media Expo – 

Allie Brown Shine conference –

@nataliesisson – – 

leadpages – 

Commentcast – 

Subscribe and Follow – 

FlightFox –