Ever wonder how those people speaking on movie trailers, audio books and commercials get their work? Here to tell us the secrets of the voiceover world is the lovely and talented, Anna Vocino.

Anna’s making her second appearance on the show, you can listen to her maiden voyage here. In episode 121, our chit-chat covers how to’s on everything from the best recording equipment to setting up an at-home studio. If you’re a podcaster, an interviewee or have an interest in the finer points of audio creation, this is YOUR show!

More About This Show

Anna has a long history in the performance world and today is a highly sought after voiceover artist who also co-hosts The Angriest Trainer podcast with Vinnie Tortorich. And if all that wasn’t enough to keep her super busy, she’s also writing a book about a nutritional lifestyle with no sugars and no grains.

Whether she has her voiceover or podcast cap on, Anna is the queen of audio. She knows the ins and outs of podcasting and voiceovers on everything from proper set up and gear to creating the ideal recording booth at home.

You’ll also discover things like:

  • What are the four sections of my Life After Eight Weeks (Now the Art of The Interview) podcasting/livestreaming course?
  • Her tips on how to get into professional voiceovers.
  • To co-host or not to co-host? How to choose for yourself and your podcast.
  • When and how to get an agent?
  • How to double or triple your reading speed.

Whether working for the United States Postal Service or The Young & The Restless, Anna has learned valuable lessons along the way. She has found how to recognize your best supporters and your strongest advocates and how to work with people who get you & what you’re out to accomplish, no matter what business you are in. These are all lessons you can benefit from, whatever your field.

Because we’re both in the podcasting world and have such a strong commitment to the technical side of good audio, we go into great detail on the best audio equipment to use and how to use it so you sound as professional in your home studio as any other professional broadcaster out there today.

Anna was generous enough to share her wisdom in this show; I hope you walk away knowing the nitty-gritty on the voiceover world and the finer points of audio equipment.

After you listen, thank Anna for being on the show! Share in the comments below and send a shout out on Twitter.

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