Angie Lee is your hilarious + wicked smart business bestie you’ve always wanted. Warning; You will laugh your butt off & be inspired to make your bank account not suck. $100k in debt to 7 figures under 30, Angie is dedicated to sharing her story & showing women how to upgrade their relationship with money from loser ex boyfriend to George Clooney. Her genius is helping women live a rich life, in their business, health and relationships. This podcast is a must listen for any boss babes, or boss babes to be!
Corporate + College dropout, $100k in debt, to 7 figure entrepreneur under 30, Angie’s passion runs deep for helping women unlock their full potential & finally create the income & life they desire. Angie is the host of the top rated Rich Bitch Podcast, The Founder of Pays To Be Brave Summit & the upcoming self published Author of Raise Your Hand.
Her Wellpreneur Mastermind teaches wellness professionals how to grow their social brand & close sales with ease. Angie’s cracked the code for organic marketing by successfully producing multiple 6 & 7 figure product launches, with no paid advertising or complicated funnels. She now teaches her loyal community how to grow & scale their online business with stand out branding, authentic messaging & intuitive marketing.
On this episode we dig hard into developing your unique personality, as well as mastering platforms and perseverance.
Find her on Instagram:  @richbitchpodcast